Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baby's Top 5 Today

The babe is so happy with happybarn! Look at those excited hands and eyes so intense concentrating on slurping this concoction up! :P
Up to the last drop!
My favorite: Mango Caramelo! <3image
Freshly pressed nails and freshly made milkshake just the thing to start the last day of the  month!
Onto today's top 5!
1) I cut his hair today for the second time. My cut was not perfect, but he looks cuter as always.
2) I learned he loves kwek-kwek. Not the quail egg inside but the crunchy orangey fried part of it. Oooops.
3) He'll always choose grapes for lunch.
4) We bathed him on the sink today. :)
5) He now have 10 pairs of footwear including slippers and walking shoes, and I thought that, that was a lot for a year old infant. We used to forget about his shoes and decided to buy him a new pair every so often. You could actually count how many times that was, but you'll never know how often we used to think about it and decided not to. Did you even get that? FTW.
I will never be the perfect mother, but I know, I'm a good one. At least, I want to think like I am and do what I think is best for him. I love you, Clyde.

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