Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Breakfast without eggs are sad.
A ham without cheese is incomplete,
Supper without wine is melancholic.
Good thing there's Gurkka!
First off, Gurkka came from the word Gurkha and Gorkha that means British military units in the army enlisted in Nepal. Gurkhas are considered aggressive in battle, possesses qualities such as courage, loyalty, resilence and reliability hence they are highly depended on to protect. Until today, Gurkhas still protects royalties in U.K. and serve in the military. So rest assure, that online shopping at Gurkka is reliable and safe - trustworthy at its finest.
So what does Gurkka offer? Well, ladies and gents, if you love wines and spirits and online shopping then this site is for you! Gurkka sells brandy, rum, wine, tequila, vodka and many other liquor brands online. What's more is that you just don't get safe fast transaction every time you shop, you also get to have freebies in form of other liquor brands and reward points - yes, points you could exchange as gift certificates, special discounts, additional freebies and many, many more!
When I celebrate, I drink wine.
When it's cold, wine's on my throat!
Alone by myself, wine's in my cup.
Together with friends, wine's on the top!
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