Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Figaro Coffee Company

Drinking coffee is a lifestyle. - That is an understatement when you need energy, inspiration and a good push to start your busy, busy day in one concoction. One of my favorite coffee shop -
 serves coffee and good vibes in their hot cups!
We've been here for many, many times before.figaro
To anticipate good things.figaro2
To gather thoughts and ponder on our blessings.figaro3To share what we have and be thankful to what we have.
We've been here for many, many times before and we kept coming back.
Proudly Filipino, Figaro Coffee Company was created by the passion and love for coffee and travel. Seven friends, brewing coffee and fine art of Europe gave birth to Figaro in 1993.
A small kiosk before, now an international store, for more than 80 stores nationwide and across the globe, Figaro prides itself for serving freshly brewed, fine meals and delicious pastries and desserts. Giving inspiration, hope and courage for those busy making success in life.
Do what you do, and when you feel down. Sit down and have a cup of Figaro, then try to conquer the world again.
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