Sunday, October 26, 2014


I finally joined the boat of foreign exchange trade with only a limited knowledge about the ferocious sea I'm about to cross. My paddles aren't that big enough and I believe the waves are huge. I'm courageous and I'm nervously patting my back with my hands for the bravery.
Is XForex a scam?
- Is it? I wish they are not as I blindly gave it a shot with my last $100.  I don't really know but I have a hunch that it is not. I found out that they are included in the Top 100 forex broker companies. If you know about XForex, feel free to comment down below.
How to withdraw money?
- I haven't tried withdrawing yet but they are quite strict when it comes to withdrawing as you have to submit legal documents to prove that you are who you really are. That's a thumbs up for me. The agent told me that for the first withdrawal it will usually take 10 days and the succeeding withdrawals will be more or less than a week probably 3 days. I just don't know yet how much is the minimum amount to withdraw. If you know comment down below. If you tried withdrawing your earnings in XForex, share your experience below.
XForex is a broker company that earns from every transaction we (online traders) made, be it selling or buying whatever in the market. The XForex agent told me that as a standard trader, they will be charging me 5pips for every transaction made. I just learned awhile ago that that was too high since other brokers only charge 2-3pips per transaction and since I'm already in, and I'm in the middle of the sea, I might as well go with it. *heavy breathing
For the first day of my voyage, I got an $8.00 profit from buying gold. I didn't know what's the entire story about my very first earning, since I just rely on their support system that's calling me every now and then, (which will may you think that they are scammers but they really are just there to help since almost every one entering forex didn't know a thing about it anyway, right?) I will not say that it was a success, a good deal maybe? I could simply say that that was just a beginner's luck. In a nutshell, I realized that XForex is more like gambling, you could lose the $100.00 you invest or more in a blink of an eye. Owemgee. *nervous laugh
This is an emotional roller coaster ride that as I read from the comments on a blog about XForex usually end up in disaster. I really don't know what boat I jumped in to and I don't want to sink. *heavy breathing
If you know more about how forex is all about, feel free to comment down below. If you are a member of XForex, feel free to share your experiences below, I would really love to read about it, and hopefully encourage me to paddle forward and not get back to the shore. I also would love to think that in here, Patience is a virtue.
Your comments will be very much appreciated. :)
Noob trader,

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  1. Pls update us with your post if you already withdraw and receive the money. I want to invest too but too afraid to take risk.