Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014

This is my  second time to attend this Business-to-Blogger event and we really had fun! In this post, I'm gonna share to you my social media live-stream! If you are already following me on Instagram (@gerilen) and Twitter (@gerilen), you might just wanna hold up and wait for the separate blog posts I'll do for the different brands we met on the event. :)

Bloggers were serenaded by a live band!

With my sister, Beth representing GeriLen ELizabeth

Here are some of our photos while booth-hopping!
Chooks-To-Go #Kwelavan!
We played, we won, dinner served!
Calling Chooks-to-Go peeps, this photo up here is my award-winning pose! It did hold true to its promise of "Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce!" (delicious chicken even without sauces!)

ZionWifi! More about this soon!

SampleRoomPH is the cutest girly girl booth there ever! #vintage 

Krispykreme's DIY donut challenges bloggers to be artsy and here is mine looking all burger-y with mustard and ketchup like tandem on top of my sprinkle-chocolate dipped dough. I give up designing and give in eating. Yum! So sweet! Plus, I get to take home this elongated balloon for my kiddo!

One of the highlight for me in this event was meeting Maxene Magalona on the FlawlessPh booth!
Like a life-size barbie. Flawless indeed!

There are more photos of this event but since I don't want to bombard you with my face (as if I'm not yet doing it already. Sorry!) I will go straight to the several brands that caught my interest. So stay tuned!

These are the official organizers, partners and sponsors of the event:


  1. Thanks for dropping by at our booth! More power to your blog :)

  2. cool event and maxene's a living doll! O_O