Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Toddler’s Top 5 Today

And so I heard that these moments would test your patience to its limits, your wits to its end and maybe just maybe turn you to a lunatic with dirty laundry on the floor, dishes on the sink and arms full of tornado, err, toddler.
this photo sums up my life: work and baby
  • Everything was cute and dandy until the toddler learned how to say no. No shoes, no socks and definitely no blankets please.

  • When it comes to his hair – you'll get what you pay for. Wiggles and Giggles will give make his hair neat and clean while cheap barber shops along the road would definitely make his hair a road-kill and my clothes itchy with his DNA – been there, done that.
photo-ready all the time :)
  • He wants his own PC/laptop - wherever he could peacefully watch his educational videos online- with his own mouse and speakers.
wherever I go, he goes. :) #travelbuddy
  • It’s a good thing to know that he is still satisfied riding the elevator, escalator and play the racing game without dropping a token on the slot. ;))
First morning in #Baguio. :)
  • When asked what he wants to eat, he always says “hotdog” – not a problem to me as long as he still eats everything veggie and drinks his milk straight out of his glass. He still is breastfeeding. I’m thinking of letting him wean on his own as it was my original decision. It’s bittersweet as ever.
Thank you so much baby for eating your apple while learning ABC's on #babytv#toddler #wahm #baby #behave
That’s about it. Now I’m starting to learn about homeschooling if that’s possible for our situation. It looks promising although I’m not yet ready for it. Do you have any idea about homeschooling? Share your ideas down below!

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