Friday, October 17, 2014

TouchPay Automated Payment Machine

Easy. Convenient. Secure.
APM (Automated Payment Machine) has an easy and efficient approach when it comes to paying bills hence giving the best customer experience!
Bills included are telecom, postpaid, prepaid, cable, power, water, loans, insurance, ticketing, gaming, landline, charity, e-gov amortization, credit card, e-wallet and toll fees.
Anytime. Convenient simply because its 24/7.
Anywhere. APMs are available where it is convenient - stores, train stations, food courts, office buildings and other public places.
All in One. APMs are considered the "Supermarket of all Payments" simply because it has more than 200 service providers.
No Hidden Service Fees or Extra Charge. It's self-explanatory.
Real Time. Processing time takes less than a minute here payments are credited to your account before you're even home.

How to use TouchPay APM?
1 - Choose service provider.
2 - Enter required data.
3 - Insert cash or a Change card number into the bill-acceptor slot.
4 - Verify entries, then press "Pay".
5 - Wait for the official receipt to be provided to confirm payment.

Visit for more details.

BTW, thank you so much TouhPay for my 16gb USB! ^_^

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