Sunday, October 26, 2014

Absolute Adventures: Activities to Do During Rainy Weather

The rainy weather can bring gloom to any household. Dreary days are often spent in the comforts of home, but that can be dragging, especially for moms who don’t want their kids to spend the whole day glued to their gadgets.
Rainy days no longer have to be a problem for moms, especially with these creative ideas that are sure to take the rainy weather blues away[1].
Engage in can bowling. While some kids can spend the entire day reading or just curling up in bed, most children have energy that just doesn’t allow for a peaceful and quiet afternoon. Mix it up by engaging them in a game of can bowling; all you need are stacked up empty tin cans and a little floor space. This will not only make use of all their energy, but it will create vibrant noise and bonding moments that your house may have been missing for a while.
Create your own little villages. Whether your tot is a boy or a girl, they would surely enjoy their own “personal” space. Allow them to create their own forts using blankets, wooden blocks, or even cardboard boxes. Creating their little villages by making their own forts will also stimulate and creativity in your children that will definitely build a lot of memories.
Set up a puppet theater. Stimulate your child’s imagination even more by engaging them in a puppet show. Put out your old socks and any materials you can find lying around: buttons, old markers, and yarn. Bigger households may even enjoy more than one stage production and be even more exciting.
Have a cook-a-thon. It’s never too early for your kids to get started in the kitchen, especially when you’re around. Make this an exciting activity by first creating a special cookbook and choosing what you want to try cooking for the day. When it comes to cooking special meals, mothers only use the best ingredients including Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water. The only brand in the country to receive a National Sanitation Foundation certification, Absolute is perfect for any moment.
With these tips, surely, the rainy days will bring joy instead of gloom.
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