Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Take Care of New Born Baby?

Im preparing myself for the upcoming babe! :) So I always talk with my OB and search online advice and tips plus I ask hospital employees during my check up.
These are the some of the random things that moms should know about taking care of their newborn! :D These are the tips I got from the hospital.
  • Before breastfeeding, moms should clean their breast with clean wet cotton. Feed the baby every 3-4hours. When the baby fell asleep, wake the baby up to continue breast-feeding until the breast become lighter.
  • Always let the baby burp after every feeding to avoid colic.
  • Sponge-bath baby everyday with warm water and gentle baby soap. Dry the skin well especially the parts that folds like back of the knees, armpits, etc.
  • Clean baby's bellybutton after bath with 70% alcohol everyday after bath using q-tips.
  • Do not brush baby's mouth instead give baby warm boiled water after every breastfeed to rinse off left milk inside the mouth and then massage baby's gums gently.
  • Always observe baby's poop - how many times a day? - density and hardness - color (green or yellow) - bloody or with mucus.
  • Always observe baby's pee - how many times a day? - amount - color.
  • Always observe baby's skin - yellowish/jaundice - lack of blood - dark lips and nails - rashes
  • Visit doctor two weeks after leaving hospital for follow-up check up.
Remember, baby's future depends on how Mom and Dad take care of him/her after leaving the hospital! :D
Stay healthy baby! :)

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