Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tips and Tricks in Bottle Feeding

Here's my lists of tips and tricks when it comes to bottle feeding, I hope these helps new-moms and refresh moms too! hehe

- don't use feeding teats as soother. Why? It doesn't help your baby in any way. If there's something wrong with the baby, help him/her. Search what's wrong! Don't just settle in knowing he/she isn't crying anymore because of the teater. Now that's sad, right?

- prolonged sucking of fluids can cause tooth decay. Give baby a break, and get those milk down with a help of water.

- always check food temperature before feeding. Not too cold for the baby might experience colic and not too hot as well, allow hot liquids to cool before preparing feeds to avoid scalding! we don't want our little ones with burnt scalds, do we? Lukewarm would be best for milk.

- clean and sanitize bottles always before use to ensure hygiene. You don't want the risk of germs that those night crawlers might give your baby!

- do not use feeding teats in direct heat or sunlight. It might damage and affect quality of the teats

- use teat with correct flow rate when feeding baby. It might cause uncomfort and can cause drowning! 1hole for newborns, 2holes for slow flow, 3holes for medium flow and 4holes for fast flow. These also depends on the age of your baby.

- breast milk can be stored 48hours inside refrigerator, not in the door compartment, and can be freeze for 3months in 0degree Celsius freezer if properly stored in a bottle

If you're an Avent user like me, here are the proper way of using the bottles:
Avent Feeding Bottles
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breast milk containers
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That sums it up! Can't wait to use these tips very soon! :D What's your tips? Really would love to know yours, share them by commenting down below!

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