Monday, February 27, 2012

The Growing Belly and The Stretchmarks!

If you're a first timer like mwuah, you'll be amaze on how your skin is very elastic! Plus the shock that your skinny jeans and fitted shirts don't fit you anymore! *awwww!* But the thing is, it's now ok not to hold your breath during photo ops because your excused to have big tummy! LOL

I'm so inlove with my growing tummy and fortunately, my husband is head-to-foot inlove in my new figure! Well, I thought he should be! He's the one giving me stretchmarks at the first place! harhar XP
He keeps on talking with my belly, I mean our baby... The joy is over whelming! Like I could live for these moments forever!

BUT remember moms-to-be, you take the good with bad! We can't have all the good stuffs! And I assure you, stretchmarks can bitch-slap you like Mondays does! They can grow from your lower abdomen, upper thighs, back of the knees and if your blessed with huge boobies with bottomless milk, stretchies can grow there too! And we should get our grooves on fighting back those nasty uglies so we could still wear the two-piece bikini were saving for the summer and become a pregnant goddess! ;)

So the first rule I think is the most important of all, I could tell its
the Golden Rule against Stretchies: Drink Plenty of Water!
Everyone should drink plenty of water, and being pregnant, I now have a good reason to exchange my morning cup of decaf coffee to a glass of water. One is, coffee dehydrates our skin which makes us more prone to stretchies! And aside from moisturizing our skin from within, water can also prevent UTI and lessen the effect of Beriberi during pregnancy because it avoids water retention in the body!
Secondly, we should get the juicy stuffs!

Juicy fruits like watermelons, cucumbers and papaya etc
 Avoid eating fried/dried food and explore the world of hot soups! Drinking Vitamin E through the food we eat or by supplements will help our skin become more healthy and elastic. Plus, the Vitamin E in gel form can be put directly to the stretched area to help skin heal and become more flexible! ;)

If you love Body Butter, this is the time to splurge on! Body butters are like lotion but more concentrated and intense. It moisturizes, protects, nourishes and hydrates skin. The best body butters for preggers are cocoa butter base because its high in potassium, calcium, iron and antioxidants. Best applied after bath, body butters relaxes not just our skin but our senses.

Pregnant tummy craves for body butter! Reward yourself and your little bean with a little taste of luxury that body butter can give! It could  rejuvenate you like you've just been to the spa!
So far my favorite body butters are:
Organica Body Butter in Organic Green Apple
this body butter is love and I use this body butter after bath... I so love the scent! It's not that strong, doesn't burn my nose and light on skin, easy to glide and stays longer! :)
made with certified organic green apples from France and is 100% vegetarian ingredients
and my on the go, wherever whenever...
NIVEA angel star Body Soft Souffle
irresistible raspberry scent and skin caring cream enriched with yoghurt
that I got from Take Flight: Launch of BDJ Power Planner 2012. These I keep on my desk, in my purse, make up bag or wherever else I think it might come in handy!

Lastly, the growing tummy usually becomes itchy and I try to avoid to directly scratch it. So goodbye long nails and hello trimmed nails! I pass on salon manicure these days, I just kept it trimmed, I mean my husband kept my fingernails trimmed! *Thanks Love!* When it's super itchy, I tend to put some body butter on my fingers and gently massage the itchy part in a circular motion.

If the stretchies are starting to grow, don't panic! It's natural, at least try your best to reduce and lessen its effect! :)

I hope every preggers love their tummy like crazy! Remember, that's where your little bean is growing!

Oh! If I could only hug my tummy like my husband does! :)

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