Monday, October 28, 2013

Steifel Staples for My Sensitive Baby

Known Physiogel products for quite a while now, and I think this will stay in my vanity kit and babe's baby bag for a long time. :)
You see, I have sensitive skin, I don't concentrate on using soap that much - it makes my skin dry and itchy, not to mention, scaly especially on my lower and upper extremities. I used to have that longing for fairer, whiter skin - but most papaya whitening soaps in the market is "strong" and super-drying, I gave up already! Instead I focus on feeding my skin, making it healthier with the help of moisturizers and creams and lotions, plenty of water and an extra hour of sleep everyday and it's always a good thing to be introduced to products that are hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and suits sensitive skin...
Last month, I had a -what I called it - Physiogel Week, where I blog marathoned my physiogel products that I recently had as a freebie and some full-sized I bought on the booth stand.
I am not keeping all these goodies for myself and as the title of this post implied, these I happily share with my family members especially to baby Clyde!
Hand Sanitizer - travel size bottle safe for cleaning baby's hands while effectively removing germs and dirt. What I do is, I clean baby's hands first with wet wipes, and then squeeze ample amount of this on his hands, spread and wipe with dry tissue. :)
Physiogel Lotion - I think that the Intensive Cream is for me, and this one is for my baby. An after bath and before going to bed treat for my baby's sensitive skin.
I'm proud to announce that I passed my skin-moisture-level test - which means, my skin is higher than average normal, it is moisturized! Happiness! I made a Physiogel marathon (not just the blog posts), where I challenge myself to use Physiogel Intensive Cream after shower and before bedtime everyday and I'm now reaping what I saw - generally healthier skin, more elastic, smooth and glowing. :) So, expect Physiogel products on my monthly empties!

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