Sunday, October 6, 2013

MommyMundo's Moms On The Floor 2013 First Segment: Babies and Infants

Hello mommies! Have you been to any of the previous MOTF events or any of the MOTF segments last saturday? Well, obviously, babe and I, along with mom and dad and hubby (yes, it's a family bonding time event) decided to crashed it although we arrived late. So much for being late up to like 3am because babe got snuffles. This was taken the night before the event...

We did hesitated to come, but after a half cup of hot water + honey and himpraying to be well and I, whispering to him get well tonight because tomorrow we're gonna partayyy! - and so he did. Good job baby!

It's better to be late than never... so finally, we arrived at the 38th floor, The Loft of Manansala Towers - here we confirm our reservation at the Registration booth...
They were in the middle of playing! We rushed our way through and let my babe enjoy the bubbles, sing songs and play below the parachute to end the game - and when I meant rush it means no time to snap a picture or two.

Moms, dads and babes are having a blast. After partayying - I meant playing- we sat down and listen to our guest speaker (a pediatrician)


Several raffle draws are inserted on each talk, and guess what? I'm the last to win - a pack of Quacker Oats Cookies! :) For sure babe will get his hands all over it and will never stop until he eats it all! :PDSC00493
After awhile, Ma'am Rome taught us the importance of massaging our infants and how to correctly do it and make it a quality time...

We ended the program with calm babies, mine actually snoozed his way out breastfeeding style! :P

Sponsor Booths including:
Cycles and Cradle
Aprica and Goody
Lactacyd - for moms and babiesDSC00499DSC00498
Life - counting blessings through photographyDSC00501
Nurture Nook

We also met new friends. :) Hi Mommy V and baby! <3DSC00503

This is the loot we took home after booth hopping and buying babe's essentials and supply! :)
Thank you so much Mommy Mundo for this wonderful event. :)

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