Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tracking Baby's Progress - His Firsts

Today,  my babe turns one year old and I wanna share our first year together through this post.
Tracking baby's progress is a fun thing to do - it's reminiscing proud moments - my heart just swells up in pride whenever I took note of all his firsts... :)
First smile.
We actually saw him smile or grimace during my 2nd ultrasound at around  6 to 7 months while knowing his gender.
*My first ultrasound was when the doctor confirmed of my pregnancy.
*And I'm happy to announce that babe and I only went twice under that radiation thingy!
First this.
First turn over.
First  laugh.
First word.
I wish it was mommy or mama but it's official, his first word was "dede", one proud breastfed baby here.
First sit.
First bus trip.
First grimace.
and now, First stand.
Soon enough, his first walk... :P
I don't mind taking each moments slow. I WANT to.
I want to embrace him all the way, its like carving these memories on my mind and in my heart.
I love my new life as a mom and it gets better everyday. I feel so blessed with a loving husband and a lovely baby.
I have a lot of photos but I'll save some for my next post.

I love you Jerson and I love you Jerson Clyde. <3

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