Sunday, June 2, 2013

Babe's First Good Taste! :D

In our last Baguio summer vacation (that's like a month or so ago), we decided to try out the latest (2nd) branch of Good Taste in Baguio City. Just like Jacks Restaurant, it serves Filipino/Chinese food, complete from soups to cake, with rice, meat, and vegetables.

 Our table mates from left to right:#Mamala Luz, *Titala Lyn, Mamala Ellen, Titala Nida and Tita Beth.
#Mamala means Mama-Lola (mommy-grandma)
*Titala means Tita-Lola (aunt-grandma)

Babe can't wait for our orders to come, he taps his own "liquid gold"! :P Good thing it's a "slip" away!

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