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Y&R Philippines Releases Latest Study on Filipino Attitudes

Leading advertising agency Y&R Philippines recently conducted a study that aims to understand two generations that brands want to connect with nowadays - the Potentials (18-35 years old, also known as "Millennials"), & the Powers (36-60 years old, next generation of leaders & consumers). Read on to learn more about the similarities & differences of these two groups & how this information can help Y&R & their brands adapt to their markets' needs.
Y&R Philippines Releases Latest Study on Filipino Attitudes
Cites Viralnihan as a Multi-generational Driving Force
(Manila, Philippines) Two years ago, Y&R Advertising, one of the world’s leading advertising agencies, conducted a landmark study to explore what drove a generation that brands have been trying hard to connect with: millennials. However, millennials as depicted in popular media are different in Asia – they are exposed to economic, cultural, and social norms that are markedly dissimilar to their Western counterparts. For Y&R, it made more sense to define these 18-to-35-year-olds as Generation Asia Potential, the next generation of leaders and consumers.
In 2014, Y&R expanded its study to include Generation Asia Power. Aged between 36 and 60, they are established, the current set of movers. Exploring 16 life topics ranging from love to media to travel, Y&R immersed itself where these two generations gathered, discovering where both diverged, and surprisingly, converged.
Says Mary Buenaventura, President/CEO of Y&R Philippines, “Despite the media barrage on the difference between the two generations, our study found an intersection that cut across the gap. We call this Grassroots Culturalism, which is a resurgence of interest in our local culture, but with a twist. Being Filipino now is a celebration of the everyday – from the neighborhood hole in the wall to the global footprint of sports and fashion icons. This convergence evolved the traditional Filipino value of ‘bayanihan’ or the spirit of communal unity, into Viralnihan, a digital explosion that shattered the boundaries of the traditional generation gap.”
Around 85% of both GenAsia Potential and GenAsia Power showed a distinct positive attitude about their personal future. Given the age difference, 93% of the former are looking forward to achievements that improve the lives of people, while 78% of the latter felt they have contributed positively to society.
The two generations also share similarities in terms of investment outlook, coming at the heels of the country’s first investment-grade rating. 75% of GenAsia Potential and 91% of GenAsia Power are on investment mode, differing only in type. The former focus on passionate investments that reflect their interests, while the latter focus on stability for the long term. The similarity extends to clothing as well, with over 80% on both sides valuing personal style over clothing labels, and even local designers and influencers over international names.
Meanwhile, on the thorny subject of love, the divide is more discernible, with 91% of GenAsia Power seeing marriage as a lifelong commitment and 86% of GenAsia Potential seeing marriage as dependent on mutual happiness. The difference is attributed to the younger cohort’s exposure to a more Western influence, moving away from traditional beliefs to more individual values.
 “Understanding what unites and divides these two generations – GenAsia Potential and GenAsia Power – drove us to expand Y&R’s GenAsia study,” concludes Buenaventura. “By unraveling attitudes and perceptions, Y&R, and the brands we work with, are more able to adapt to the varying needs of society and the fast-changing pace in which our message is delivered. Discovering a thread that unites GenAsia Potential and Power – Grassroots Culturalismamplified through Viralnihan – was refreshing and something that the nation can be proud of. “

To know more about Generation Asia, contact Mary Buenaventura, President & CEO of Y&R
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