Saturday, July 21, 2012

Photo Blog#2

I post a photo blog in one of my blogs (and simultaneously posted here too as well) before because its one of our bc blogger meme for the month of July. Since then I decided to start a post that features my photo/s of the week... And now that I started using Instagram, :))I would probably post more instagrammed photos! Kewl!

So, here are my first instagrammed photos of the week! It's random, it's personal and it's vintage-y! <3
blog lovin'
that is what I do in the wee hours of the night, because every two hours or so I need to
feed the baby
good thing I have my super mom to help me out
mom and I
I love how I see and feel that my babe is satisfied, he looked
and half asleep almost all the time during feeding.
Is breastfeeding hypnotic?
I just noticed that even how fuzzy he gets, when he started feeding, he calms immediately and fall asleep. :)
He's so cute!
So, what's your week in instagrammed  photos? Share them!
P.S. follow me on instagram! :D that's ;)

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