Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Boyfriend is now the Husband!

the SHOCK can SHAKE you!
It's typical that during courtship, boy does everything to impress the girl. Flowers. Chocolates. Live Acoustic. Name it!

courting on bended knee
Inside a girl-boy relationship, both sides do contemplate, patiently understanding each other's IMPERFECTIONS.

BUT in a MARRIAGE, during the ADJUSTMENT PERIOD, sometimes even the bad habit of
NOT squeezing the toothpaste tube at the butt
and not flushing the toilet and leaving the lights on after use can mean WAR! And when it's bad, even seeing your partner breath can irritate and make your nose holes larger! In some countries, it can even be a ground for the horrifying divorce!

How does it feels like to be a new wife?


It's quite HARD! :' )

Especially if you're like me, who's used to being spoiled on a certain degree... like If I want it, I got it, small decisions like where to eat, what to do, yes or no... things like that can and WILL CHANGE when you're not the girlfriend anymore because you are now OFFICIALLY his wife!

Was that a bad thing?

In reality it's 50-50 depending on how you view things.

First, I like the change. I wanna be more dependent of him in a certain level, like he'll be the one in charge, he'll be the one protecting US. That's a sweet thought, right!

Yet in some cases, you might feel powerless, a puppet, a mannequin, that follows his orders.

Second, I expect the change. The transition of events and things during the adjustment period must be realized by both parties BEFORE deciding to get marry. That the husband-to-be should shoulder his responsibilities as head of the newly founded family and that the wife-to-be should be respectful and submissive to her new head, her husband. :) Which means, in times that she agrees and disagrees, she should support her husband's final say.

How about my say at the matter at hand?

I learned that even if he has the conclusions, I can give him my point of view, I can suggest ideas and I can be a BIG INFLUENCE to the final results. Loving and unselfish husbands do consider his wife's side. Helping is a good term for this. Helping each other with one goal; of whatever will be the 'final say' it should be for the better of both of us. <3

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