Saturday, March 10, 2012

Urinary Tract Infection

Sadly, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is common during pregnancy, it can be an infection anywhere along the urinary tract. Whether you are pregnant or not, you should do something about this annoying infection, and oh yeah, sometimes it really gets on my nerves! *grrrr*

I felt a burning sensation when urinating, its dark yellowish to orangey color, has strong foul smell and I  have the urge to go back to the bathroom right after peeing... I know it's a pregnant thing, but it's really annoying! Can you imagine sitting while waiting for nothing? Humpft! Moving on...

There's a lot of risk factors and one of them is being pregnant.

How to know if you got it? Aside from the symptoms, you could take Urinalysis.

My PUS Cells ranges from 25 to 45/Hpf, these are from my three consecutive urinalysis. Mind you, the normal range is from 0 to 2/Hpf. I'm in a PANIC mode, but my OB assured me it's natural during pregnancy. Whew! :3

First and foremost, seek doctor's assistance, it's better to have someone who-knows-about-it tell you what to do than just self-medicate (plus, the doctor must know if you're pregnant). My trusty OB prescribed an antibiotic (that is safe for pregnant women) I should take for one whole week and I asked her what else can I do, and here are the things I should do to help lessen, avoid and hopefully cure UTI.

Personal Hygiene
  • Obviously, its necessary to always keep genital area clean including the anal area all the time (before and after intercourse)
  • Wipe or wash from front to back (you know why.)
  • Use sanitary pads or pantyliner and change each bathroom time
  • Avoid using any products with perfumes in the genital area including wet wipes with scents, it can trigger itchiness
  • Take showers and avoid using bathtubs and bath oils and bathbombs
  • Even if you're not pregnant it is a good habit to urinate and wash before and after intercourse
Undergarments and Clothing
  • Avoid silk and satin undergarments, instead use cotton underwear
  • Regularly change undergarments
  • Drink plenty of fluids (more soup, fresh fruit juices) especially water! (Water Therapy)
  • Drink Buko/Coconut Juice - to clear bladder infections, remove kidney stones, plus improve sexual vitality
  • Drink Cranberry Juice - I prefer this brand because it contains 50% less sugar and carbohydrates. It only contains 24 Cal that is lower than compared to other juices which have 40 Cal. Since cranberries are so sour in taste that others preferred it mixed with apple juice, Healthy Balance is good tasting even if it has lesser sugar. It also contain 2% Vitamin C, 32mg Potassium and is good for diabetics too! :)
    Healthy Balance Cranberry Juice
  • Do NOT drink fluids that irritate the bladder, such as soda, alcohol and caffeine. Too much salt and sugar is a no-no too.
That sums up my battle plan against UTI. Hopefully, after a week of "water therapy" and buko juice,  I'll be good. I always try to have a positive attitude and I hope that helps too. :)

What's your battle plan against this infection? :0) I wanna know more on how to improve health during pregnancy, share yours!

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