Thursday, October 18, 2012

Johnson's Baby Milk Mom's Nourishing Spa Day

I saw this
Johnson's Baby Philippines status on my facebook wall, and so I marked the date and decided to go! :)

I got this card

from queuing this line

on the registration booth
wherein we log on to FB and like the JBP fanpage. 

Everyone who liked will be given the JB card. The card is our pass for
nourishing milk spa hand massage

free taste to skin food

this event is all about babies and moms who wants skin to feel like soft baby's butt! :P

Baby naps before we go to the event so he had the energy to

make faces

suck his fingers

smile to the camera

smile some more,
and pose like a superstar baby!

We also get a free photo each, here's our shots!
tita Beth

Lola Ellen and Lola Nida

Tita Beth, babe and Me

The goodies we took home! :P

Thank you Johnson's Baby Philippines for hosting this happy mom-babe event!
Like their facebook page to be updated! ;)


  1. Ang cute cute ng smile ni baby. And I just noticed now si Juday pala yung nasa poster. Visiting from CommEx 10/23.

  2. Another exciting event for mommies and babies. Is this free for all the attendees? Ang galing. Ang dami ring giveaways. From the photos it seem that you all had a fun time :)

  3. exciting event for mommies and babies.. :)

  4. I love the baby milk bath, bumibili din ako nyan. love it on my skin. :) really good to see companies investing in events like this one to engage with their consumers.

  5. That's a fun event...the little one is so happy, I could almost hear his giggles. :-)

  6. wow.. you're indeed enjoying attending mommy and baby event.. visiting from ComEx Oct30

  7. I love johnsons baby milk bath. Super bango:).I wonder if thats the same scent ngayon, para kc new look na ang mga.nilalabas nila ngayon.