Sunday, October 7, 2012

Five Random Things This Week

These past few weeks are freaking crazy and hyped! Oh goodness, I'm super duper excited and happy that we finally arrived at our house here in Makati! Yay! That means we successfully packed our things to huge boxes! :D And safely headed home. :)

number 1 --- speaking of huge boxes, we had more than 40 boxes, plus the cabinets, study tables, dinning tables, chairs and things alike! :D which means...

number 2 --- time to unload the boxes! D: If packing is hard, then unpacking is harder!!! Geez... I had to put things into their places and change my mind about it and put it somewhere else! And there's this time, when I put it, change my mind, remove it, and change my mind again to have it put again (for the nth time) to the first place I decided to put it. (redundant I know, but heck I'm a girl yow!)
with grannies! :P
number 3 --- my babe can now roll whenever wherever! Said that, I need to give another extra focus and attention to him just to make sure he is safe, within reach and is always comfortable. You know, when he rolled, and he got tired, he don't know yet how to roll back. Hence, he'll just lay down flat face and won't care that he can't breathe because he is too tired to care, he'll just wait for me to see him in his situation and let me decide whether to pick him up or just let him lie there. :3 And of course, he know I'll pick him up! Smart boy ey?

number 4 --- I am designing a new website! Yay! It's taking too long but I'm patient enough... Hopefully, one magical day would arrive where I can show my site publicly! Whew... Clue? It's all about fashion! :D

number 5 --- Hey hey hey! I'm hosting a giveaway! Wanna join in?
Click here!
That's it for now! Watch out for my next post, as I will probably share to you my latest discovery on how to whiten those pearls! :D


  1. I'm looking forward with your giveaway! :) that's a haul! ^^

  2. Is that giveaway of you still available? :D