Sunday, January 18, 2015

Toddler's Top 5 Today

It's been quite a long time since I posted a top 5 today simply because I've been hibernating these past few weeks. The bun in the oven enters the 17th week and I'm excited to enter my second trimester and be jolly and always on the move like most pregnants are during this stage.
Moving on, these are my toddler's top 5 milestones!
1- Simple Math is a breeze! Addition and Subtraction on my fingers are so far the best way to teach him while having fun and learning fast.
2 - Family-oriented. He always do the roll call after waking up. Calling everyone to enter the elevator and making sure we all are walking together when were strolling including holding hands together, not to mention, the group hug (more like, head hug) in public. Yup, PDA much!
3 - I never introduced him to lollies but his Pedia did. Well, its her truce for putting him to a painful ordeal every month, he he he. I'm just glad that he still chooses brocolli over chocolate and fruits over candies. Especially when I told him it's his favorite even when it's his first time. ;)
4 -  He loves the water so much. Instead of telling him he'll go take bath, I would encourage him by saying "we'll go play water downstairs and you'll get to car-wash your favorite dump truck", it always do the trick! ;)
5) Masha and the Bear - is his current favorite on Youtube! :)
Of course I'll end this post with a cute story!

We were on a fancy restaurant for a meeting and like always, I have Clyde tagging along. I was surprise to see his face light up, help himself up on a chair and start digging the food. I thought he would go for the mozzarella stick, as that is where his hand is going, until he picked up the garnish - a fresh-cut of green lettuce and afterwards help himself fish out the basil leaves on the pizza. lol

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