Wednesday, July 6, 2016

TPB tours Occidental Mindoro with a purpose

1. Pandan Island, with its fine white sand and rich coral garden, is just one of the many tourist destinations in Occidental Mindoro.
2. TPB employees tour Occidental Mindoro with a purpose.
3. Feeding activity with the Alangan Mangyan
4. Underwater clean-up at Sablayan port
5. Tamaraw Conservation Program’s Danilo Roca and Herold Castro with “Kalibasib”, the only remaining tamaraw in captivity
6. Mangrove identification and planting activity
7. The Sablayan Zipline is the world’s longest island-to-island zipline.
8. Mt. Iglit-Baco National Park is a protected area and the only known habitat of the endangered tamaraw.
9. 16th Century Church at the foot of Bundok-Bayan in Brgy. Poblacion
The Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) visited Occidental Mindoro as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. Now on its second year, the program aims to inspire and encourage their employees to take an active part in promoting and preserving the different wonderful destinations in the Philippines
TPB employees started their “tour with a purpose” with an underwater clean-up of the port of the town of Sablayan and mangrove-planting at Barangay Poblacion, also in the same town. They also attended lectures on solid waste management and upcyclingas well as talks on tamaraws at the Tamaraw Gene Pool Farm at Mt. Iglit-Baco National Park. They also met the indigenous people of Mindoro through immersion and a feeding program at aMangyan Village.
Occidental Mindoro is located at the western part of the island of Mindoro. While agriculture is the main source of livelihood, its tourism industry is fast catching up with Oriental Mindoro where the white sands of Puerto Galera have been on the global tourist map for decades.
In fact, Occidental Mindoro has more than its fair share of natural wonders to satisfy nature lovers as well thrill-seekers.
Dubbed as a marine wonderland, Occidental Mindoro boasts of numerous islets, white sand beaches, dive, as well as the world’s second largest reef – Apo Reef. It is also home to the Mangyans who are the original inhabitants of Mindoro, and the critically-endangered tamaraw which is endemic to the island. Its latest attraction, the Sablayan Zipline, is the world’s longest island-to-island zipline.
“The country’s biggest asset and best ambassadors are its people. With the CSR program, we are encouraging our employees to explore and discover for themselves the wonders and beauty of the Philippines”, stated TPB Chief Operating Officer Domingo Ramon Enerio III. “And as employees and stakeholders, we need to take an active part in protecting and preserving our numerous tourist destinations,” he added.
Aside from Occidental Mindoro, TPB has had similar activities in Boracay, Bohol and Camiguin last year. By setting an example, TPB hopes to encourage each and every Filipino to help preserve the country’s cultural heritage and natural assets in whatever way they can, however small, which makes giving back to the community more fun in the Philippines.

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