Friday, November 2, 2012

On Reminiscing My Pregnancy

Can you believe it? I actually missed being pregnant! Of course, I hate bloating & stretchmarks and the inevitable shape shifting, clothes unfitting blah, blah, blah! But I missed my me-and-Clyde-inside-time! The secret baby and me conversations. Hubby kissing/talking to the growing moving belly... The perks of pregnancy like cutting the line and special treatments... Below are some of  my nostalgic pregnancy photos! Check it out!
me and my one month preggy tummy on our Bacolod trip!

2 months preggers and still joined the Scavenger Hunt at the Take Flight launch of Belle de Jour Powerplanner!
Look at my nose, it's literally getting bigger! And, I remember, my nose started to peel off the night after I gave birth. So technically, my nose really became swollen during my pregnancy! :O
Love wearing neutral colors and donning a matte peach lipstick!
5 months preggy and camwhoring!
6 months and getting bigger!
Sometimes, I walk out of the house naked! Oooooppss, I meant naked face! At Mang Inasal, craving for the free sinigang soup! Weird huh?
Started nesting and I went baby shopping! Boom! The ccards are smoking hot!
Who says preggers can't wear tight-fitting dress? Rock your bod like a fashion model! Oooooh the nose IS bigger!
Practicing how to carry a babe with one month old baby Rain!
I don't think he approved though! lol
With my daddy engineer! He's betting babe will be one of us too!
One of my hubby and I's morning walks at Bayan Park Garden at Aurora Hill, Baguio City.
Wright Park at night! I wanna go there at night and he doesn't protest! He's a good driver and a patient bodyguard, if you know what I mean. He is all-in-one! Shout out to my hun: I lav ya!
At Burnham Park on one of our night witnessing with my soon to be baby's pretty yaya, Tita Beth!
Mom and I doing walkathon and shopping at SM Baguio!
Yes! The nose is irritatingly big! hehe
My pregnant husband looking sizzling HOT! The reason the babe looks just like him, it's because I think I crave for him? Is "crave" the right term? IDK, but you get the point...
Babe is a Shakey's baby!
No, babe is a pizza-pasta-mushroom-soup baby!
Wow! No stretchmarks, yet!
Signing structural plans! Since I'm currently staying at Baguio that time, architects are sending their plans via email, and I do the plans, blueprints, sign and seal the documents and send them back thru LBC. :) I love technology!
Yes, I'm still designing (I have to earn too, in case I need to go C-Section) and thought babe's already counting numbers inside too! *Patting the tummy, "Hey baby, you wanna be an engineer too like mom, dad and grandad?" ...still don't know the answer, did I mention my dad's betting on it?! :P
Donning red smooches! I have my roughest skin during my pregnancy, so thankful for full coverage foundation and concealers to hide the blemishes away! I don't sleep well too, my life saver? White pencil liners to pop the eyes and highlighter to cover up eyebags!
Few more days to go!
Few more hours to go! This photo is actually special to me for this is the last night my babe was inside me. I'm teary-eyed right now as I type.
The nose on its biggest state! Hours later, it peeled off! It's kinda annoying, but heck my nose is now back to normal, or at least I thought it is...
and so,  after several painful contractions, pushes, a scream and super-duper up to the highest level back pain....
One day old junior!
Introducing my new family. Jerson dad and Jerson babe!
Dad and babe's first meet up is so priceless!
Up next, babe's first week and our first battle as young parents to a young kiddo!

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