Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Jerson Clyde - #Animetric x Samsung #GalaxyMega Giveaway Entry

Reading is my passion, and I want to inculcate this trait to my baby as early as possible.

Always on the tip of his toes, he loves to play around - learning while having fun...

Baby JC is a food lover (not a picky eater- even veggies) and rather sips in a straw than bottle fed. Even before he turns one, Baby JC loves to read books even without illustrations and is always looking forward on his bath time!

Baby loves to sing and dance too - just get a beat and he will sway his feet...

he loves wearing sunglasses
and ride his swag too!
as daddy would say "go ride your kariton!"
A day would not pass without laughter and awe...
Everyday's an adventure, when I'm with my baby beau.

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