Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Season of Flu

T's the season of the flu! Our pedia, Dr. Romero of Healthway, Market! Market! is only available for schedule on a Sunday this whole month of July from 8am to 3pm because he is attending a seminar-training for this year - that means, the babies for schedule will pile up every Sunday. And just in time, my baby got a waterlike flu, deep cough and vomits from time to time.
growing fondness  addiction to sunnies! BD
Though we've just came from the clinic last week due to his scheduled PCV10 vaccine - and that time his lungs were clear - I didn't hesitate to go back, knowing the line would be long and the waiting would be painful in the back if not on the butt! As I hunched, the occasional coughing to the point of vomiting is my babe's way to "release" phlegm and mucus stucked on his stomach, plus, the gag reflex - which is the usual culprit.. Thankfully, he doesn't have a high fever. Though in the end, Doctor concluded babe is "about to get Pulmonary Infection". Thank goodness, I brought him earlier! To prevent the transition, he prescribe a week of three times a day Erythromycin Estolate as his antibiotic, Paracetamol in case of temperature higher than 37.8 degree Celsius, a Phenylephrine HCL/Chlorphenamine Maleate as nasal decongestant and antihistamine, and Cetirizine DHCL for his allergy reaction like sneezing and asthma-like breath.
*whisper mode: "I don't think this is the culprit, but is it?"
"just a sip, okay?"... and the rest of Quickly Taro Special with Assorted Pudding was a history...
Upright feeding position, drinking lots of fluid in form of water and juices is also recommended. The fever and fast breathing should also be monitored from time to time. Aside from my doctor's prescription, I started giving him Ascorbic Acid and honey-lemon concoction! :D
awkward hand gesture is not a biggie with our 2nd Chocolate Quickly with chocolate puddings and natos! Nata de coco!
I sure hope my babe gets better soon because he's scheduled for in1 booster this coming August!

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