Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby's First Oral Hygiene

Read a lot of tips about introducing oral hygiene to infants and one of those are gum massage using soft cotton cloth soaked in lukewarm water or transparent finger-brushes. Bought one but didn't get the chance to use it because I lost it on our "way" of moving back here - and I didn't go and grab one, I didn't use any soft cloth either. (Am I lazy or what?) But what I did? Clipped nails gently massaging his gums during bathtime. It worked well. No hassle. Just bite marks. lol

Kidding aside, I let him get use to the feeling of "toothbrushing" by gently massaging his mouth- inside cheeks, gums, front teeth and back. Did I jumped out on brushing his budding tooth just like that? No. Not yet. I let him watch me brush my own teeth. Even hubby shows him how to do it too. :)

And once we saw babe trying to eat his daddy's toothbrush... that's when we decided to buy him his first. For a year and a month old, I think it's the perfect time. He now have 6 little tiny milk teeth and still counting. :)

This is what we bought for him at Watsons.
Photos grab from IG: @gerilen (follow me!)
aquafresh milk teeth pasteAquafresh toothpaste Php73.00 for a 50ml milky concoction of 1000ppm fluoride protection.

It is especially design for infants 0 to 3 years old. Since he cannot spit yet, a smear on his toothbrush is just enough for once a day brushing every 3days. :) I personally decided to use this schedule because I don't want to overbrush his teeth - that is not good at all, it will destroy the enamel of his teeth that will lead to cracks then tooth decay or worse lost tooth - and I want him to have that longing - to find it exciting and fun to brush his teeth... hihi #talkaboutteasing! Of course, the latter is useless without this

Oral B baby toothbrush
Oral-B Stages 1 toothbrush  Php125.00 for 4-24months to e used for 3 to 4months

The bristles of this brush is especially designed for babies  to gently clean and massage babe's gum area, budding teeth and tender cheek walls. The back of the bristles is also soft and "cushioned" to avoid hitting and soaring the soft spots like budding tooth and hence avoiding swollen or bleeding gums.

As I said earlier, just a smear of toothpaste on his brush is enough - a smear. After so, I'll help him remove the bubbles and all that need to be spit out using my clean clipped index finger gently removing it from his mouth - we are still trying to teach him to spit it out. Why?

Although it is okay to swallow a little. Fluoride ingestion may have adverse health effects such as IQ deficit, weight gain and heart disease. Some research even show that excess fluoride intake may result to reduced motor skill performance and impaired intelligence, also it could cause discoloration of the teeth (Enamel Fluorosis) and become poison in the body (Fluoride Toxicity). These facts scared the sh*t out of me - maybe you will too but don't skip it either. After 6months of exclusive breastfeeding, I had to introduce "solid" on his diet - this is also the time teeth will come out so definitely, food leftover on mouth would produce acids that could dissolve the outer hard enamel, penetrates and cause decay.

Remember, right amount of fluoride can and will prevent cavity and can even "reverse" early stages of tooth decay and it can strengthen the "future" permanent teeth as well. So the key here is balance - and good estimate of the amount of smear you'll put on his toothbrush and the interval time you'll brush him. If you still have doubt, ask your pedia, dentist or healthcare provider. My pedia recommends a visit to the dentist after he reach his first year - and so far the dentist is giving me the thumbs up. Yay!

Have fun and make brushing teeth a quality time with your kiddo! ;) I try to enjoy his infant-hood as much as I can, 'cause he grows in every blink of my eye. #bittersweet

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