Monday, May 25, 2015

Toddler's Top 5 Today!

1 - Earth-shattering tantrums? Check! This little human being also known as the toddler knows how to do it, and how to do it right. I always assess the situation first before deciding whether to succumb or not. It also depends on what is his agenda. You see, it's his way to assert his will - to make you do what he wants. Tantrums also occur when he is frustrated on something or angry when things didn't go on his way. I remember hearing him wail from the second floor, I run up our room and saw him crying very loudly because he is cleaning the bed and he can't put the pillow on stack. Oh so cute!
With Kuya Yuan Yoj at Paradizoo
2 - All about me. Clyde wants all of our attention. He tries to but in when we're having an adult conversation. He mimics us when we're on the phone. He sometimes don't want to share too. Sometimes, because there are times when he gives everyone what he is having, thank goodness. I know it is natural for toddlers to have that selfish streak, but I know that he is growing out of it. Hurray!
He is a loader or a backhoe depending on how he moves his hands to put the sand inside his dump truck.
3 - A basket full of toys, or two. Clyde now has a variety of toys. And like I said on my last TT5T, I don't splurge on toys but still, the toys are coming in. With different colors, shapes and textures, these toys help baby make his world of make-believe more magical, which could mean that his dump truck could also serve as a cauldron where he could cook his ABC's and shape with his plastic spoon as a spatula. ;) His fist is a drinking cup and my sunglass case his phone. This stage of development is a good start to encourage his imaginary play that will make him more ideal - think ideal - in his adulthood. Way to go, kiddo!
4 - In the first 6 months of his life, I'm his favorite person. Thanks to my decision to exclusively breastfeed him. It was fun. But now that he is self-weaning, guess what? His favorite person aside from his all-time favorite lolo, is his dad. After waking up, his first question was, where is daddy? At work, I'd say. And then he'll say, but I want him home, let's call him. And he will. He jumps up and down, and clap his hands when his dad finally walks through the door after a long day work. He even hugs him tight in spite of sweat and hot and even ask for him to saklot - iloco term for carrying him. Daddy time is very much different from his mommy time. Daddy is more lenient, risky, more physical and it seems like he is a just a big kid playing too than strict no-no mommy. I read somewhere that fathers are equally important in raising children especially on their mental development. Let's encourage dads to have more quality time with kids no matter how busy or tired they are.
 5 - motor skill is simply an action that involves your baby using his muscles. Gross motor skills are larger movements your baby makes with his arms, legs, feet, or his entire body. So crawling, running, and jumping are gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are smaller actions. (From Google) All the motor skills which includes walking, running, crawling, jumping, hopping and climbing, especially jumping and running is what he was into when not focused on watching Youtube, Baby TV or Disney Junior. He is now more independent in riding his cart as his dad would call the motorbike scooter, balancing, throwing, sliding climbing and kicking. I let him play and run as these are opportunities to exercise his muscles, but only on safe grounds - like the grassy parts of BGC where he could stumble and still rise with just mud and dirt on his knees, skipping scrapes from concrete floors or worse, bulging lump on his forehead.
Toddlerhood with its abundance of curiosity and the desire to explore is the perfect time to encourage creativity.
I intend to end this post with this super noob collage that I made awhile back.
We're so excited for baby Bambam. <3

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