Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things I Learned as a New Mom

After the roller coaster pregnancy ride, the baby arrived finally and everything was over... Or was it? New chapter of life outside the womb begins for the baby, and new way to take care of my baby! :D Exciting and stressful! I know!

There are things that I hate and love about pregnancy, things I learned during pregnancy, and now I wanna share to you what I learned as a new mom!
  • Don't look up so much to celebrities' post baby bodice! Why? You'll get frustrated realizing that pounds will NOT magically drop through breastfeeding! Although personally, from 75lbs I became 66lbs after a month of breastfeeding with a little help of formula milk but now I'm 67lbs and pure breastfeeding already, geez can't believe feeding makes mums hungry that much!
  • Baby's name will be questioned! Okay, since I conceived, my hubby and I agreed that its his assignment to name the little bean whether it's a he or a she. So technically, I will just have to go with it. Well, personally I love my baby's name but we can't please everyone and BELIEVE me when I tell you, SOME people will hate the babe's name and there's now way you could win this one out! Just brush it off your shoulder. Just bear in mind that both you and your partner should choose a name you love and try not to embarrass the babe about his/her name, alright? In my case, my  baby name came from my hubby's name which is appropriate because they look like twins!
  • Stretchmarks will forever be there! Whether it's a trace of shiny whiter or darker skin, it'll be there! To embrace  the  tiger-stripes-post-pregnancy body is a good upstart but when summer comes around, you'll be pissed off (and that means being pissed yearly! lol) I tried to lessen the effects and now I will try to remove or at least lighten the scars by bleaching and will blog about it too soon.
  • Bearing a child will not make you a superhuman! After all I've been through, I am still afraid of boiling cooking oil! What are your fears of pain? Threading your eyebrows or striping your leg hair? Share them!
  • Family and relatives will not always support you! Dont get me wrong, but family tends to burst out how BAD you used to be when you're an infant and now its your turn to shine! Ahahaha :D *gulp* Payback's a b*tch! Play dumb and ask for their tips and tricks on how they dealt with you! But unfortunately for me, my mom has an amnesia, she already forgot how she did it 25 years ago! lol
  • You know you judge people in your mind and so are they to you! Just wish they do it privately in their mind! But for sure, you'll meet one with brains in their mouth, they'll JUDGE you (and I bet they do it out of insecurity) its annoyingly irritating. If your straight forward, you might wanna block them but if you feel you'll just waste your time then just shrug your shoulder and focus on your bundle-of-joy!
  • Your Womanhood is complete! Well physically speaking you proved your essence as  a woman; to bear a child. The miracle of birth, the painful labor, delivery and breastfeeding! Boost with hormones that makes you leak everywhere; Leaky breasts during pregnancy and after giving birth, excessive discharges from different orifices of the body. Wow! :O
  • There will NEVER be a good easy way to get the Baby out of your system! Baby extraction room a.k.a. Labor and Delivery Room is no place for hero! My mom had C-sections for the three of us, its painful! Normal spontaneous delivery IS painful. So i guess you'll have to do what works for you best. My OB suggest I'd be in Painless/Epidural Delivery because of my heart surgery. "No Pain, No Gain" is not the quote fit for this kind of situation, I think its more like "It's Painful and You'll gonna get it" when it comes to pregnancy. :3 brrrr! The little bean is a precious once-in-a-lifetime-gift but nature's gift wrap and opening process is like a the hunger games! The odds are never in your favor! :O
  • Thank goodness I work at home. Or else it'll be another gruesome decision-making whether to leave the babe or to leave the office! It's so good to have time to check on him just a few steps away from my laptop station at home. Whew! One problem solved. So, how do you manage the babe and the work? Post it below!
  • It's my first babe so no other child at home. My hubby and I used to be super quiet when at home working mode. But now, there's a cooing and the swaying the babe, making him sleep, bathing him together, so much fun! The house now became a home. And I think the babe is the reason behind smiles and laughs. :D
  • Sleep while the babe sleeps would be a sick joke for some new parents with other children, work and a big messy house to deal with! Well, keep your chin up, when the newborn sleeps, you'll have more room to stressed out on other things to worry about! :D As for my case, sometimes I try to sleep with him, and wake up earlier to finish some errands, do some house chores and continue my desk work.
end of my pregnancy begins my journey as a new mom
Endings buds new beginnings, and this time, I've got not just my hubby but our baby! :) Finally, when we are busy doing our jobs, a babe catches our attention and our home become more livelier! Yay!


  1. Such a darling little baby!!! I also learned a lot of new things when I finally gave birth! :D

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  3. Congrats and Good luck on your new journey! :)

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  4. Adventures of motherhood... sigh... it's such a blessing. I'm a mom of 2. And everyday is still a learning process. Both of them have different behaviors and personalities. The youngest is so impatient with things while the eldest is always curious about stuff. But I love them equally. Enjoy your journey sis. The hardships, puyatan blues, sacrifices and everything in between are all worth it :)Visiting from CommEx Sept18.

  5. Welcome to motherhood! Enjoy and embrace the new life. It'll be fun to share mommy experiences with you soon. :-)