Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oral Thrush

Babe will turn 8 months this 26 and I'm happy that he is on progress, until one early morning... he woke up with a 38.8 degree Celcius  fever, irritated and crying, at first I don't know what to do but cry as well. After gathering myself I gave him



a koolfever on his tiny forehead

and decided to check it up with his Pedia at Heathway Clinic Center in Market! Market!

I observe him and jot down that he can't eat well, less appetite with whitish velvety sores around the mouth like in his gums and red spot with a white center protruding on the tip of his tongue.

The doctor finally check him out and concluded he had a mild yeast infection of the mouth and throat called Candidiasis also known as the Oral Thrush which is a fungal infection of the mucus membrane lining prone to very young infants.

Since it naturally occur on infants, there is no treatment available and he will just pass it out for within a week or two. However, since he can't suck milk and eat soft food because of the pain, Pedia recommends an anesthesia of the mouth in the form of spray.

Kamillosan M Spray Solution which includes Chamomile Extract, Methyl Salicylate, Peppermint Oil, Sage Oil, Anise Oil, Dwarf Pine-Needle Oil, Bergamot Oil and Cineol

Asid from Oral Thrush this can also be for bad breath, canker sores, tosillary angina, pain after tooth extraction, parodontosis, gingivitis and other oral infection, BUT you should check it first with your doctor.

As a first time parent, I panicked and go straight to the doctor. But if you think he could handle it then just make sure he could still eat and will not increase body temperature to 38 Celsius.

BUT, call your doctor if:
  • - Baby has had thrush-like sores in the mouth for at least 2 weeks
  • - is eating poorly due to the sores
  • - have pain or difficulty swallowing
Baby is breastfed and eating soft food like Gerber, Cerelac and mashed veggies and fruits and doctor recommends drinking water to rinse off the mouth and sterilize or throw away used pacifiers and change nipples of bottles regularly.
Hope this post will help new moms like me out there not to panic when it comes too oral thrush! :)

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