Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Babies Long For - L.O.V.E.

No need for professional advise or expert's recommendation, the moment you saw that little bundle-o-joy, you felt it. It was love.
And love is what babies want and need.
(7-months old baby Clyde posing for the camera)
Aside from feeding them with milk, we should also feed them with love. Showing them our emotional care and support boosts their immune system, giving them solid impact and direct advantage when it comes to mental, physical and emotional growth. <3
How to show LOVE?
- I whisper to him - I LOVE YOU - whenever wherever, breastfeeding, cuddling even when sleeping
- I touch him - massage every tensed baby muscle - tired from crawling all day - using the techniques I learned from
- I talk to him about where we're going, what are we gonna do... sweet-talk him while feeding gerbers, cerelacs and mashed veggies and fruits.
zooming in, this is the cutest, very curious facial expression Clyde has ever had.. so far... hehe look at those eyes!!! and the lips.. lmao #momdoinghappydance #crazyiknow
being cute #yougottadowhatyougottado
- I hum him a lullaby, sing-rap kpops and sign-dance him to kingdom songs...
- I stop-dance him to his favorite Psy's Gangnam Style, sweet dance him to waltz...
-pray with him before tucking him to bed...
Immediate response to baby's need, cry and laugh helps build trust and strong bond that I know i will cherishly reap when the time comes. Happy sowing mommies! Keep those L.O.V.E.s coming!
Why not? When babe will reciprocate it with a gummy-drooling wet kisses!
"Your baby is learning to recognize emotions and moods, and finding new ways to demonstrate those feelings. One wonderful example: You might start getting kisses. They may be drooly and gummy at first, but they'll be just as sweet! When your baby's bored, you may hear a fretful squawk or an attention-getting squeal." - so this is what this is all about! :P its drooly and gummy indeed!
Ahh... My precious!

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