Monday, February 4, 2013

What Babies Long For - T.L.C.

Tender Loving Care

The moment I conceive is the moment I start feeling love. A special kind of love for a special kind of relationship.

And now that the gift is out of the box,  it is time to show some loving!

Babies need good health and energy to prep themselves to learn and grow, and mommies should always be there to give his basics. First thing I do, is to make sure his immunizations and vaccines are up-to-date.

(at NAIA Terminal 2, waiting for my dad's plane from HongKong)

Tuck him to bed, after playing in the morning, siesta in the afternoon and at night. Sleep is essential to baby's growing brain, and rapid-eye-movement sleep makes the brain cells do the things like enabling him to think, move and learn everyday thru touch, sight and interaction.

I breastfeed him whenever, wherever. If you are a bfeeding mom like me, don't be shy on giving babe what he needs, you are actually giving public a favor, they should learn and respect that breastfeeding is as natural as breathing.

Bath time means play time! He loves to play with the water. :) He knows that 12pm strikes bath time and he really anticipate that part of the day everyday! :D

So, how do you show your baby some TLC? Share 'em up!

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