Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Brand New Mom

Babe is turning 9months this coming 26th and I am just so happy, we've come this far, safe, sound, healthy, strong and continuously growing.
In these crucial first months, I received solicited and unsolicited advice from different opinionated people - doctors, mothers, books - that there came a point where I felt paralyzed, immobilized even demoralized by the number of competing options I am facing every chance I got to decide when it comes to babe.
Finally, I rest my case, I am The Mother, I am the one who knows my baby way back when he is still an embryo - when only I could tell he just somersaulted or is in hiccup's spell - hence it is just my right, and it is just right that I took responsibility on how to raise him, together with my husband, our baby's life is our responsibility. And I know the love that circles our brand new family will prevail.
Hey moms, dads, and enthusiasts, watch out for the ups and downs of a household with a baby turning toddler everyday!

Life gets even more exciting! :D

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