Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sesou Haul - Giga Baby Insect Repellant Spray, Milea Baby Baby Cleaner and Human Heart Nature Kids All Natural Spray Sanitizer

Babies have a sensitive skin. They easily get rashes and allergies from chemicals and harmful substance. So what would a mommy should do? Buy products that are safe and all natural just like products from Sesou!
Below are the first things babies should have on their baby bags, anytime and anywhere they go!

Giga Baby Insect Repellant Spray

All mommies are afraid of dengue-carrying-mosquitoes! What to do? Spray on this Giga Baby Insect Repellant Spray (php185.00) of course! This repels not only mosquitoes but all typical bugs and insects without DEET which is a harmful chemical, safe for babies means mommies can use it too! Yay! The thing is, it has a lingering smell of lemongrass, so you'll either love the lemongrass goodness or hate it. Try it out first before paying. Good thing they have testers. :) Aside from baby's skin, this repellant spray could also be use on surroundings like bed, linen, mosquitero (bed net) and bay's clothing! :D

Human Heart Nature Kids All Natural Spray

This kids spray sanitizer comes in two colors pink and blue. Pink is cotton candy if I'm not mistaken, and this blue is bublly gum. Pink is cute and all but I love the scent of this monkey popping bubble gum for my kiddo so I picked this up instead. For Php75.00, this is a scrumptious way to spray away germs! All natural, and like always, Human Heart Nature products are 100% Chemical Free!

Milea Baby Baby Cleaner
milea baby

This Milea Bath & Body product is my savior! Whenever babe poop outside the house and water is no where available, my baby wet wipes and this handy-dandy baby cleaner are there to the rescue! Leaving baby clean and fresh! This spray bottle can clean even baby's face and hand. What I do is I spray this directly on his genitals and then wipe it off with wet wipes, same goes to his hands and extremities before spraying HHN kids sanitizer.  But when it comes to his face, I spray the wet wipes before wiping his face, that way I avoid spraying his little sensitive eyes and mouth. :)

I feel ready and armed to go out and about with my babe without worrying about sanitation and how to keep him clean all the time. :) These products are sO mommy-friendly! They're my new BFFs! lol

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