Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby's First Food

Personally, I decided to breastfeed babe for the whole first 6 months of his life. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice but it's all worth it. And now that he is now older than 6 months, it is time to introduce him to "solid" food. Pedia agreed to my terms as to make sure that babe's tummy is ready enough. :)

On the average, a mom can introduce solids anytime around 4 to 6 months and as the mother you'll know when he is ready. But below that age, all he need is breastmilk or formula and that is enough to nourish him and that is all he can handle so if you are excited (I know you are, been there... done that...) but babe was not aged enough, hold to your horses and just prepare yourself! For in this post, I'll be sharing what I feed my babe! :D Eating time is bonding time! It's messy though, but the point is, it's fun! Discovering babe's favorite and his reaction to certain flavors are so priceless! hehehe

I know that babies should start with mashed veggies and fruits, even the excess rice water when cooking is good for him too. But whenever we are out and about and there is no available mashed food, these are the food-in-a-bottle that I love for grab and go!

Heinz Baby Food
Gerber Baby Food and Juices
Nestle's Cerelac
Nutri Del and Promina
What I do is prepare him his bottle of water and his special plastic teaspoon (make sure the teaspoon doesn't have sharp edges to avoid hurting babe's gum)
Heinz Teething Rusks (Php398.00)
This is one expensive teeter I think it's not worth it. It's 12 pieces packed by two's with the length and just chubbier than my point finger! It's good because it has no added sugar, etc etc but when babe decided to throw it away after licking it, its gone to the trash. :/ Plus its packed by two's so you should use the second piece as well or else it'll become moist! Boo!
Aside from Gerber juices and real fresh squeeze fruit juices, I give babe a teaspoon of Riovida for immunity booster! :D
It's so priceless. hehe
love you baby JC!

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