Sunday, September 22, 2013

Everyone is Sick!

We started this week in a bad note, we all got sick. Real sick – as in can't-get-up sick! Though we still are unsure where and how did we get it, we got it bad. Real bad! Every one of us including babe (especially babe) got a persistent 39 degree Celsius of fever. Aside from constant high body temperature, we had the feeling of vomiting (but didn't really get to the point of doing it – unfortunately, babe is), nausea, loose bowel movement, lethargy, joint and muscle pain and severe abdominal cramps. I think we either had food poisoning or the water was contaminated (which is poisoning as well).

It really is sad that babe is getting the worst of it! He is so gullible! If we are “howling” in excruciating pain what more he? We took him to his pedia right after I gave him the “first aid” of his first lbm and fever. We still are checking on him, on each of us for that matter. And I think we are getting to the “get well soon” very very soon, I hope.

It really took the toll in us. We didn’t get to “go-to-work” in a matter of not meeting up with the deadlines, postponing meetings and literally not answering emails, phones and mobiles. The house was a ransack. We get to live on bread, congee and the good old take out – which is not a healthy choice, I know, but who will cook? (and speaking of cooking, we ran out of gas – yep, we still aren’t using our futuristic digital touchscreen stove!  We’re saving it for our new home! And the fridge gave up on us a couple of days ago... so yeah, we had to buy a new one right after this sick week pass).

I thought we hit the bottom but as unfortunate as this week is, we end this up having a burial. My grandma just died. Instead of being with her on her final week, we didn't. Now, I know how we will do this week - vigil.
Hope to see a silver lining in this dark dark clouds. ;'(

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