Sunday, September 22, 2013

When The Baby Is Sick

"Being sick" is different when it comes to my baby - this time, it is not me ( I don't worry that much when I got the flu or a fever), this time, it is my precious little bundle of joy - I became panicky, and conclude bizzare things and I tend to  over-analyze.

The feeling is not the same. The latter is worse. Making the baby feel better is hard. Worrying is a different story. It is a long slow process that will never leave my mind until all is well, while panicking is nerve-racking and both are seriously not helping. Worse comes to worst, and still, sleep is not your friend. It could actually be your lifetime nightmare – you know that- but if you are still wondering why, you are either not a parent or haven't learned about it yet, that, every second counts. Every minute the body temperature tick a rise is a threat to baby’s overall welfare today and for the rest of his life.

My baby and I got sick. He got the fever and I got worried sick. The weather is not helping us either, pouring down cats and dogs and dog barks!

I am hoping our next week will be better... Stay positive!

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