Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Toddler's Top 5 Today!

These photos were taken a few months back, and I stumble upon them while deleting old photos on my old phone before selling it online. I realized that these times were the start of his turning to a toddler - a very active, super curious and more adorable toddler, and as always, it made me bittersweet. Some of the shots were blurry but no matter, these still are treasures to me.
1 - He can now walk alone, he can even walk up and down the stairs while holding on to me or something for support. He also attempts to climb into furniture unassisted. He can stand on his toes and reach for his toys, carry them while walking or even running.
2 - He can kick balls. And he kick hard. Clyde can also now scribble spontaneously. I know that toddlers are usually ambiguous but I think he is more of a leftie. Not to mention, nor highlight, he turn over every container, bag and bucket around the house!
Once when we were out at KFC for a rush dinner, he spelled out the bucket, and the 24hour OPEN sign and everything else that he saw on the road. He recognizes people we meet, his shapes, letters and numbers. He can complete simple sentences and he always ask questions, questions I don't know how to answer and sometimes don't understand too. I just nod and say yes, hehe.
3 - I can tell him to pick up his toys, put things on the table, hand me this, give this to daddy, etc, etc,. He now knows how to operate phones, tablets and computers. He can maneuver the mouse and choose which video on youtube he would play next. And when he decided its time for bed, all he had to do was click the "x" box on the upper right of the tab and press the on/off button of the gadget.
To lure him to bed, I keep something "special" in there, a toy, a book, a red plastic spoon, even his cough syrup on occasions that he needs it. He started to enjoy hide-and-seek, finding objects even when hidden under a blanket or a pillow, even under the bed.  He also love sorting shapes and colors, like nips, m&ms and his twinkies.
4 - He started to play make-believe. I already forgot how I play when I was his age, and seeing him having imaginary friends amazes me. He imitates sounds and behaviours of people and things around him - like vroom, oh no!, aha!, again! bubbles, etc, etc,.
5 - He don't give in to peer pressure. He is now aware that he is a separate individual from others. He is excited to play with his cousin, Kuya LJ and yup, he now shows defiance and protest whenever he doesn't want what I am telling him to do, or when I don't want what he wants but as a silver lining, it is one sign of his milestones. He should be like that.

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