Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Frisomum - Pregnant and Lactating Mom's Milk

Trusted for more than 20 countries worldwide, now Frisomum finally arrived here in the Philippines!
Well actually its been quite awhile now. What gets my attention is the uniqueness of this milk, as it is not exclusive for pregnant moms but is also recommended for breastfeeding moms too. And since I'm on my third trimester that time, I won't worry that I might not finished my milk in time. I just have to continue drinking it as it also help in boosting milk supply; just what I needed as I am pledged to exclusively breastfeed my second babe, Dave just like what I did Clyde.
For my two pregnancies, I experimented on milk - tried so many brands and in my own weird sense, the taste varied from brands and flavors. There are now different flavors of pregnant milk to make this morning ritual bearable. But as for me, I prefer the original flavor, vanilla. Lucky me, my only problem was the taste (I gagged sometimes when I try to pull off a bottoms up - I know, silly me!); some are having stomach ache, or worse, the lbm.
The taste? It's not just tolerable for the weird pregnant taste buds, its delicious -at least for me. Sugar is
Five scoops in a cup of hot water, this drink is complete in nutrition. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals for mom and baby. I actually just finished this whole can one month after giving birth!

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