Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Dates at Vikings!

One of the best time to bond with the family is through eating; checking each other's day, sharing stories and discuss the weather, next outing, next food trip... Even my toddler is a foodie. He loves Lola Ellen's homemade carrot siomai, Tita Beth's graham cake and Tito Mike's sweet rolls; and just for the sake of it, we tried Viking's at SM Megamall.
Can't you see the excitement in his face already? The balloon didn't do much in distracting him on the beautiful chaos that surrounds him. He he The queue is getting heavier by the minute.

He enjoyed his dinner made of dimsum, hotpot, personalized pizza (which is mushrooms and green bell peppers) and some lamb chops.image
This night is well spent. Laughter. Spills of sauces and thousand visit to the juice aisle. Our tummies our full and our hearts content.
I am looking forward in returning to Vikings. Maybe in SM Jazz mall or Aura next time? Where do you prefer?

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