Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Smile brings Summer Camps for Future Innovators

Smile group brings to the Philippines the STEM based enrichment programs such as Engineering for Kids, Challenge Island, and Smile Toddler Program that provide kids fun interactive learning experiences. Last month, we attended a trial class for a SMILE Toddler program held at Unit G, 3rd Floor, Linear Building, 142 Katipunan Avenue.
They read a book and created different activities around that story. 1916591_1040028662707060_3642282854427391009_n
Clyde making silly faces right after he tried to eat the flour he supposed to be making his moon! Thank goodness it's edible. The DIY play dough was made out of water and flour.
10530930_1040028602707066_7767680996340409071_nHe eagerly count the cups of flours and spoonfuls of water to make a mix.
With Jerson Dave.
Reading Corner
When I was a kid, I used to roll my manila papers to school instead of folding it and pretended it were blueprints of a building. Now, I'm signing and sealing real blueprints. :D
The reason I did that back then was because of my parent's motivation. I was raised to be an engineer, and I became one.
Snack Time
With Mommy Shen of Shen's Addiction.

Learn more about the benefits of STEM Education for toddlers here.

Make the most out of your kids summer, let them try any of the above  SMILE Toddler Classes and use my code: SMILE-0316E to get a special discount!

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