Monday, May 9, 2016

First SM Kiddie Patrol on SM City Bicutan!

May 8 was the second day of the SMSuperMalls Kiddie Patrol! SM Kiddie Patrol is the first ever SM summer program of its kind - a series of weekend classes all throughout the month, has an On-the-Job-Training (OJT) course, an SM Kiddie Patroller certificate and a proper Kiddie Patrol graduation ceremony.
The first batch of Kiddie Patrollers will attend a succession of programs at SM City Bicutan every Saturdays and Sundays of the month of May. Parents can still enroll their kids ages 4 - 7 years old just by buying at SM City Bicutan's Department Store of items Php 1,000.00 and up. Bring your official receipt at the SM City Bicutan's Kiddie Patrol Workshop registration booth located at the Event Center.
*photo taken from SM City Bicutan FB Page

Once enrolled, Kiddie Patrollers are given a plastic envelope encasing an SM City Bicutan baseball cap, a blowing whistle necklace, a Kiddie Patroller vest, a notebook and a pencil.

Last Sunday, kids and parents are gathered in SM Activity Event Center located at the lower ground floor. Sunday's program started at 4pm with an opening prayer followed by a recap of the first day's lesson.


Kids were asked about the things they remembered learning the first day, and these kiddie patrollers are geared up – and all set in raising their hands, too eager answer - to get a star and a toy prize from Jollibee.

Two of the smart kiddie patrollers who each got a star for answering correctly were Alluj Philip B. Ancayan, 10 years old from St. Montessori and Science High School, Mamatid Cabuyao Laguna and his cousin, Seth Alexander Masi A. Buenaobra, 5 years old from Olympian Integrated Montessori School, Taguig City.

I was astonished on how eager they were to attend this weekend program since Alluj and her mom were actually based in Laguna. Alluj's mom simply smiled at me and said that they use this opportunity to encourage a justified bond while learning together on SM Kiddie Patrol and quality time on having sleepovers at Cousin Seth's house every weekend. What a dedication! And a really fun-learning way to spend summer!

A series of introduction to Mall Operations and Car Park System were held before the future mall managers and mini officers were subdivided into two groups. They were ushered around the mall for the tours with Building Administration Officer, Sir Jay.

First Tour includes safety in riding the Elevator, safety in riding the Escalator, locating the nearest Fire Exit, First Aid Clinic and Breastfeeding Area.

When Riding the Elevator
Wait until the elevator door is fully opened before entering and exiting
Only press the button of floor you are going
Never rush in or out of a closing elevator

When Riding the Escalator
Properly hold the moving railings
Keep your extremities inside the escalator on all times
Watch out for the yellow line of each escalator step
Be alert when entering and exiting the escalator landing

The Second Tour includes Car Parking System. This time the kiddie patrollers were divided into two groups to do alternate activity, first group for car park tour while the second group remained for The Ship is Sinking Game and vice versa.

Car Parking System
Locating of designated areas for persons with disabilities (PWD) and Senior Citizen
Proper way of getting car park tickets
Proper way of parking car (facing wall)
Proper way of exiting the park area
Traffic Signage

The Ship is Sinking Game
This game is a social interactive activity that encourages trust and bond among kiddie
patrollers. Teacher Laine designate the number of which the kids will group themselves while Teacher Romae counts them. Higher or lower than the designated number of a group will be out.

Of course they had a recess! What's a school without a break, anyway? The Kiddie Patrollers had their mini break with yummy burgers and refreshment from Jollibee and SM.

Next comes the First Aid Video Presentation by Mall Nurses on duty, Nurse Grace and
Nurse Steph, who focuses on the importance of being alert when it comes to emergencies, and the how to's on applying first aid.

First Aid for Wounds:
Wash with running water and soap
Apply Betadine
Secure open wound with plaster or gauze

First Aid for Irritated Eyes:
Never rub your eyes with your hands
Wash your hands with soap and water
Flush the object out of your eye with gentle stream of clean water

First Aid for Nose Bleeding:
Let the patient sit down on a chair
Tilt the head upward
Pinch the nostrils using your thumb and index finger
Breathe through your mouth

SM Super Malls Kiddie Patrol Program received an agreeing nod of the watching crowd and really wowed, not just the Kiddie Patrollers but their satisfied parents in this fun-filled learning and social interactive program for kids.

PHOTO: From left to right, Teacher Princess, Teacher Laine, Teacher Romae and Teacher Aires with SM Kiddie Patroller Cheska

Summer, for these kiddie patrollers will never be the same again; they will end it wiser, smarter. Through these kinds of programs, SM Supermalls will shape and nurture young boys and girls by acquiring positive character traits that could help them in all the aspects in their lives later on.

More mature and responsible kids means better attendance in school, better grades with the possibility of scholarship, better overall behavior, better students in school. And in their young age, they will continue to grow to be a better citizen in the local community – true pride of our nation! Remember, a small ripple can create a massive wave – if proper effort is used in the precise way – in this point, the SM Kiddie Patrol Program.

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