Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby's Top 5 Today

1) He can now eat on his own - own plate, own spoon, own fork.image
2) He cried differently today. Not the usual cry of a baby, but of that of a boy. Ey? You'll get it when you're a mom. I remember his newborn cry, it's nostalgic.
3) He leans his head whenever he wants something and couldn't get it. Uh-oh, I smell a tantrum storm brewing!
4) It's his second time to wear a tie bow (the first was during Beth and Mike's wedding) and I think he have a love-hate relationship with it!
5) He misses his dad so much, he's calling him in his sleep. Even getting the phone on the table, giving it to his lolo and saying "Lolo daddy tawag (call)."
P.S. He loves Disney channel and I'm dying to know the ending of MKR 2013 finale on Diva! He won! At least, I'm happy to know Dan and Steph made it! Woohoo!

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