Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Water is for Winners - Simple Things that Make for Success

People are starting off 2014 with a strong determination to win. They no longer want to settle for mediocrity, but aim for success in all the areas of their lives. Success, though intimidating in the beginning, is a reachable goal. All it takes is one determined step at a time. Here are a few simple habits that will get your year going in the right direction.
Have a sleeping routine and stick to it. Winners don’t spend the whole morning in bed; they also don’t spend their nights surfing the internet or watching TV. They sleep at the same time, and wake up at the same time whether it’s a Monday or a Saturday. Sticking to a routine will regulate your body’s energy efficiently, meaning you are still working effectively as effectively at 2 PM as you were at 9 am.
Focus on the task at hand 90 minutes at a time. Successful people know how to focus, one task at a time. They don’t spend their minutes checking various social networking sites. Ninety minutes is enough to maximize your brain power, and is the best way to get things done. Focusing instead of multi-tasking is a proven work gem trait.
Take active breaks. Most people confuse success with superpowers. What they don’t know is that even super heroes, also known as successful people, also take the time to rest. It is important to give yourself active breaks in the middle of the work day to recharge your creative juices. It’s also equally important to rest after your work hours are over. Keep these hours sacred as well.
Tidy up your to-do list. Get rid of your super hero complex completely by creating to-do lists that are actually doable. List the top two things you absolutely have to complete for the day and list smaller ones that you can get started on once you finish tasks 1 and 2 but are not due anytime soon. This way, you can relieve yourself of pressure, and you can focus better on the things you actually have to get done.
Take Care of your Body. Successful people take care of their bodies. They do this by clocking in enough hours of sleep, eating well, and of course, working out. Well-oiled machines work best and the same goes for your body. If you wish to be the best, your body has to be strong. Blood circulation from working out improves your brain power thus making you a more effective worker.
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Success is something we all reach for in life. The idea of success shouldn't intimidate us, in fact, we can all be successful by just making a few changes in our daily routine.
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