Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Ready For Summer With Nestea RTD

The summer season is fast approaching and what better way to prepare for it than the 3Rs!
Ready? Restart, Reboot, and Refresh in time for Summer
Summertime is about planned getaways, scheduled leaves, and organized itineraries. But the season, just like the weather, is often unpredictable, and the key to enjoying the heat despite its unpredictability is being prepared with whatever comes your way.
 These three Rs will definitely help you ride through life with a smile on your face.
When something unexpected comes up, it’s important not to panic. Whether it’s bumped off flights or full hotels, take a deep breath and simply restart. See what went wrong in the situation, and then decide what steps to take next. By restarting, you are giving yourself the chance to see it from a different perspective.
After you’ve evaluated the situation, you can now see how you can make the situation better. Rebooting your summer plans means making better choices in travel companions, hotels, and even locations. As you open yourself to the possibilities, you become intimidated by the situation you are in, and start enjoying the change even more.
Sometimes, all it takes to be ready for any challenge summer throws your way is by simply resting. All it takes is a break to get ready to enjoy the heat again. Instead of going full force into organizing yet another trip, take a break and just stay in on weekends with friends while munching on your favorite treats.
 A drink that will definitely refresh you in all the right places is Nestea in a Bottle.
NESTEA Logo new
Making a comeback from the 90s, the well-loved drink that is available in three flavors,
Nestea Lemon 500mL FA
Nestea Apple 500mL FA
Nestea Lemon Ice 500mL FA
Lemon Ice
Nestea makes it easy to take the plunge anytime, anywhere!

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