Monday, March 10, 2014

Cycles Sensitive Protective Diaper Cream

We're used on having Cortizan whenever we have skin allergies so I introduce this cream to my baby's bottom and it was effective but it's not safe.
So for baby's rashes, I switched to Cycles Sensitive simply because
- its safe even for newborn babies
- contains 13% zinc oxide to protect skin from irritation and soothe discomfort from diaper rash
- formulated with vitamin E and Bisabolol to speed up healing and prevent scarring
- can be use everyday
- verified hypoallergenic for baby's sensitive skin
- dermatologist tested
- fragrance free and paraben free
For Php289.00 pesos only, you'll get 80g of cream for half to a year's use depending on how often you'll use this. Just clean diaper area thoroughly, pat dry and apply an even thick layer as often as needed.
Petrolatum prevents wetness on sticking on skin while healing baby's irritated skin.
I usually use this after bath and before going to bed.
Another thing I do after bathing babe is that I pat dry his diaper area and let it breath for a couple of seconds before putting cycles sensitive diaper cream and finally wrapping him up on his diaper pants securely but not tightly.

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