Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Watch Baby TV #TheWayYouWantIt!

When I was little, I used to watch my favorite afternoon shows after class... and when you are little, you tend to distract yourself with the mundane things around you or worse, feel the urge to pee in the midst of the climax, and you gotta go when you gotta go. Rushing, not closing the bathroom door anymore, not even flushing first just to see what else was left on that perfect scene, then it's already a commercial break! I had my fair share of that scenario when I was a kiddo, and I solemnly wish I have that remind button on our remote, oh wait, we don't even have a remote back then!
Well, not anymore!
SKYcable has four amazing features that will let you watch your favorite TV show #TheWayYouWantIt
SKYcable gives you a world of limitless possibilities with its widest selection of channels and different ways to enjoy it.
Introducing --- SKYcable's AMAZING FOUR!
1 - The most number of standard definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) 
Enjoy over 180 channels for the entire family for a world of possibilities and limitless discoveries. Genres include Movies, Sports, Kids, Learning, Music, General 
Entertainment, News, Lifestyle, Religious and International channels. SKYcable also has the most number of high-definition channels – a total of 42 HD channels – the most in the country!
2 - Ability to add channels and packs that you like to your basic plan
Choose and add channels and packs to your basic subscription plan to suit the 
family’s viewing preferences.
Some of our Select Packs include:
FOX Pack (P299/month): Fox Channel HD, FOX Crime HD, FOX Family Movies HD,
FOX Movies Premium HD, Nat Geo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, National
Geographic HD, Star World HD, Channel M HD
HBO Pack (both SD and HD at P350/month): HBO Family, HBO Hits, HBO Signature
Movie Pack (P550/month): CinemaWorld HD, FOX Family Movies HD, FOX Movies
Premium HD, HBO HD, Sundance Channel HD
Sports Pack (P550/month): ASN HD, FOX Sports News (SD), FOX Sports Plus HD, NBA
Premium TV HD, Outdoor Channel HD
Kids Pack (P249/month): Baby TV, Cartoonito, Cbeebies, Discovery Kids, Disney Jr.,
Jim Jam, Kids Co., Nick jr.
Korean Pack 1 (199/month): Arirang, Channel M, CTS, KBS World, YTN
Korean Pack 2 (P900/month): Arirang, Channel M, CTS, KBS World, MBC, YTN
HD 40 Pack (P1999/month): ASN HD, Balls HD, Bio HD, Cartoon Network HD,
Channel M HD, CI HD, Cinema World HD, Cinemax HD, Classica HD, CNN HD,
Comedy Central HD, Discovery Channel HD, E! HD, Fashion TV HD, Food Network
HD, Fox Action Movies HD, Fox Channel HD, Fox Crime HD, Fox Family Movies HD,
Fox Movies Premium HD, Fox Sports Plus HD, H2 HD, HBO Family HD, HBO HD, HBO
Hits HD, HBO Signature HD, History Channel HD, Lifetime HD, MTV Live Asia HD, Nat
Geo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, National Geographic HD, NBA Premium HD,
1 In key citiesOutdoor Channel HD, RTL-CBS Entertainment HD, Star World HD, Sundance Channel
HD, Syfy Channel HD, Travel Channel HD, Universal Channel HD
And a whole lot more!
3 - SKYcable enables you to take control of your TV viewing with iRecord
SKYcable iRecord gives you the power to pause, record, and rewind live TV, so you 
never miss out on any of your favorite shows and scenes. SKYcable has the first and
only Personal Video Recorder (PVR) feature in the country.
The SKYcable iRecord also has timeshift which lets you pause live TV in case you
need to step out for a while and resume where you left off.
With a press of a button, it lets you record like your favorite tv series – while
watching the news2
. The SKYcable iRecord also lets you schedule recordings so it
automatically saves the shows you want even if you’re not around.
You can bookmark, fast forward and rewind recorded shows so you can get back to
your favorite scenes in a snap. Plus savor every exciting moment in slow motion
and frame by frame playback.
Note that SKYcable network is made up of many channel groupings. Each group of standard definition channels has 6 channels in it, while each group of HD channels has 3 channels in it. When recording a show you will only be able to view the channels within the same channel group of the show you are recording.
4 - Get access to special shows and events through SKYcable Pay-Per-View and Free View
With SKYcable, you get FREE access to view special shows and notable programs – just like last year’s fight between Mayweather and Canelo Alvares. You also get access to the widest variety of live entertainment – from sporting matches, the latest blockbuster movies to live coverage of special events and concerts, all through SKYcable Pay-Per-View.
Can you guess what I love most about the 4 features above?
Yup, the SKYcable iRecord feature hits the bull's eye! Now, I can relax and take my time on loo even when the superhero is on the verge of life and death while the villain get to hold the damsel in distress! I may see the two kissing already in the end and I could just live up that sweet moment again right after I put the climax on playback!
With 22 years in the business, thousands of subscribers over the years have made SKYcable the number one cable TV service provider in the Philippines. SKYcable has grown to feature the best, most varied and relevant cable TV programs with amazing value added services foryour family’s viewing enjoyment.
 Now, my baby can still take his nap and wake up to his favorite Baby TV's Stick With Mick!
I guess my little kiddo has better luck than I was! Watching tv has never been so cool! Hashtag #TheWayYouWantIt!

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