Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Welcome to CYW Aircraft Vessel!
This blog was created as an output to release some toxic brain cells.
You see, in the field of numbers and dusts (Engineering and Construction), my left brain is tiring for logic, analysis, design, and the girly girl in me can only take so much. I can’t wear stilettos on site inspections and I need a backpack, not a Hermes. I basically can’t dress to impress. (Would the foreman appreciate my ombre nails? I hope not, but I still do it anyway.)
More than that, I need a place to wipe some brain juices spilling out and this site is the perfect wall for that, my cyberspace.
This blog is about anything under the sun and whatnots in-between the moon and Earth – from everyday musings to surreal gray matters.
Aside from documenting my mothering of two boys, this is where I share the books I read and reread. This is where I share films I find amusing, makeup and stuff, food scene, technology and music that causes my LSS. This is where I share the advocacies that I believe in and support like breastfeeding, working-at-home, freelancing.
P.S. – This blog is pro-breastfeeding. And since Mum is holding a bub while typing, corrections and suggestions are welcome. Please email me at gerilent@gmail dot com accepts collaboration, sponsorship, paid insertions, cash advertising and other form of compensation.
Companies who are interested to have their products/services featured or sampled for review are welcome.
Note that reviews (as noted above) will be simultaneously reblogged on either or, unless otherwise specified.
*This blog may contain content which might present conflict of interest.
For inquiries, email me at: gerilen@yahoo <dot> co <dot> uk

About Author:
This is the Mother Ship’s Pilot-in-Command.
Drop by my Instagram account, and you’ll know a thing or two about me that includes my adoration on flying machines. In this dimension, I’m not the engineer, I’m the pilot. Welcome aboard!
I am Gerilen – Wife, Mum, Freelancer, Entrepreneur.
Things that make me happy are – a drizzle of rain, a good book, creamy soup, hot cup of brewed coffee and a family day.
One thing I want people to remember me for was my unconditional love for family in blood and friendship.
If I had all the money in the world, I would travel the world with my family and share my blessings along the way.
If I had all the time in the world, I would still travel, but this time to the controversial planet-or-not Pluto that is roughly 4.67 billion miles if it was on the opposite sides from the sun, which will take 9-12 years using the latest technology.
I’m thankful for my second chance in life. I had Mild Beta- Thalassemia and a successful heart surgery in 2008. I’m thankful for my parents, and for my unica best friend in life sister. I’m thankful for my sons, Clyde and Dave. I’m thankful for my other half, Jerson.
What I love most about myself - my ability to fluidly forgive. Recoiling trust is my prowess.
5 random things people do not know about you –
One, my grade one classmates used to call me “little teacher” because I helped in teaching them to read and I check test papers too.
Two, I graduated as the School Salutatorian in High School but don’t be fooled because I tried cutting classes and has been more than once invited to the Principal’s Office as an accessory to the crime.
Three, I never had a night life in college. School-home is my routine for 5 years. Talked about being an engineering student = no social life.
Four, I will never have a daughter in this lifetime. But I’m blessed with two gorgeous little gentlemen.
Five, I believe on Paradise Earth, death will be defeated and the future holds a resurrection. For more information, visit
My favorite part of the day is Sunrise because early morning rays means hope.
Hidden talents – I can sing a tune, write impromptu poems and be sarcastic.
My collections include makeup brushes and books.
In short: I’m a girly girl but one of the boys.
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