Wednesday, October 28, 2015

MBF: ShopBack.PH

Can you imagine an online site basically paying back their customers just by shopping online? :D

Okay, first, ibaba niyo ang mga kilay at isara ang mga bibig ninyo. No way, Jose? Too good to be true? Bogus manen? Well, after the very unfortunate incident that personally happen to me online, (Read more about TIMMIG'S Bogus Instagram Shop here and here. I will be updating again, wait lang kayo mga teh) I am more careful on dealing online. Does it stop me from purchasing online? Again, I am more careful on dealing online. Does it stop me from purchasing online? NO. NO WAY. NEVER! The reasons I go for online shopping?
  • for convenience - online shops are usually open for 24/7, remember
How to do it when it's the wee hour of the night and you're in your pjs? The sale tag nightmare will be over once you click the purchase button on your favorite online store. :)
  • Cheaper - because of the absence of physical store, online shops won't add the rent of the shop, salary of their employees and utility bills to your purchase! Smart ey?
  • Again, Fewer Expenses - conventional shopping tends to tire us out. Where to sit down after roaming around and tagging along heavy shopping bags? Restaurant! You eat more than you should because you're dead tired from the walking around and the adrenaline rush died down already. Truth!
  • Crowd Horror! - there was once an event with the famous couple and the crowd is not. moving. There's a huge game of tag and pull and a big possibility of snatching your gadgets, wallet and whatnots.
  • Compulsive Buying - Oh this one's an oldie but a goodie! The sale representative has the power of persuasion and you are hypnotized to buy this and that because you need it in your life, you'll be dead without it,blah blah blah. After closing the main door, you throw the shopping bags and run for your room crying because, again and again, you are being victimized and the worse part is, you loved it! #hugot!
What I do to make sure that the online shop is legit?  I scrutinize the shop - look for proofs of legitimacy, and feedbacks not from the shop, but from the real previous customers. Of course we y'all don't have all the time in the world, so what else to do? Investigate? No. Ginagawa 'yan right after ma-bogus. Ha-ha-ha Napaka-ironic naman kung uubusin mo oras mo to see if the shop was legitimate, 'di ba? Good thing there are websites like SHOPBACK.PH. You buy with confidence, get all the pros of online shopping above and like what I said they pay you back! is a cashback website that basically pay consumers when they shop online. They pay in forms of savings, perfect reward to self and another reason to finalize your next purchase. They are already established on other Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia and is now looking forward to step to the Land of Pearls, The Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia.

How to use ShopBack?
Head on over to see a list of merchant stores including Zalora, Lazada and ASOS among many others that offer cashback and discount codes. When you see a store you like, you can click through to activate the cashback. Shop as per normal and after you’re done, the cashback would be award to your account, which can be cashed out to their bank account or PayPal!

How Do ShopBack verify legitimacy of the online shops under them?
They investigate them thoroughly before agreeing to take them on as merchants. So, log in and shop 'till your fingers snap, err, shop with confidence as reassured their customers that all the online shops they will see on their site have been through strict background checks to ensure that they are legitimate.

The holiday season is just around the corner and if you don't want to battle a crowd, make a convinient stop at SHOPBACK.PH and purchase away! The best part aside from the 'ding dong' you'll hear when your purchase arrived, is the cashback you'll get just by using Shopback.PH!

PS. They currently have a PayDay Sale going on till the end of the week! Big shop names like Zalora, Lazada, Aliexpress, and Ensogo are participating! Head over to see the details now!

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