Monday, October 5, 2015

MBF: The 9/11 Attack, Worst Case Scenario, On Showing off

I'm not here for grammar, I'm here to wipe brain juices on the cyberwall of my websites.
Kaya siguro ako #pessimist, because #engineers always think of the worst possible scenario and try do damage control. (Related sa previous post)
O baka kaya aq naging engineer kasi pessimistic ako (pero hindi rin, kasi slave daw kame ng architects na slave naman daw ng art - so we do all we can to make the architect's artistic design, live. naka, parang doctor lang)
Anyway, this photo is a Plain Disclaimer that I'm not here for grammar or spelling - (sorry my#grammarnazi friends and #spellingbee champs) I'm just here to fart, err, release some brain juice because apparently my head's always noisy.
No, I'm not good with Math. I still believe in 1+1=1#hopelessromantic and Math (an exact science) disagrees. I repeat, the photo is for disclaimer purposes only.
No, this post is not for you personally,/but some are amused, relate, agree even. I don't mind. This is for my entertainment.
Yep, I need that mug for coffee!
Yep, I blog here on IG. #gerilenmbf
Yep, I reblogged on my blogs. :))
If you are following me on Instagram (@gerilen), you already read/saw this and (obvious ba?) I'll share it again here.
Can jet fuel really melt steel?
My initial thought about the wtc collapsing, is because of the added weight of the plane.
Then the designer said it would stand airplane crash in the first place, meaning it (boeing) could not pass through (wtc) but it did - twice! #iwonder#mommymusings#selfresearch
Pampatulog ba ito o pampagising?#coffeewithdrawalsyndrome
If you are a Conspiracy theorist, share your thoughts below.
Envy. Jealousy. Inggit. That is the short word for people with short minds, err, no, not really.
One of my comments somewhere in the cyberweb:
I used to get envious of people showing off on social media, minsan bitter pa and think/judge agad na fake cla. pero nag iba perspective ko nung napanood ko yung video ni michelle phan regarding social media. minsan ung iba ang gusto lang ipakita sa ig/fb eh yung mga happy moments nila (parang resume - good points ang hina-highlight and no room for your liabilities), mga tipong galit/ayaw sa mga nagpaparinig/away sa timeline nila or ung "dumping dirty laundry on public". yung may pinagdadaanan din and back reading their posts makes them happy? ganun kasi ako minsan.
actually, just like u mommy G, I over think things lalo na nung naging mommy ako. not healthy na nga eh. depressing na minsan feeling ko magkaka-phobia naq! kaya i started reaching out for positivity, looking on the brighter things in life just like Phil in the Lucky Smells Lumbermill.
nakahelp din sakin ung article that i read a couple of years back about siblings rivalry particularly sa mga girls. yung isa brainy, ung isa maganda. straight, kulot. nag iinggitan sa isa't isa kulang na lang mag switch sila. dapat flip the table, and think that you are not enemies, kapatid mo yan. youre on the same team, same both. kahihiyan nia, kahihiyan ng family nio. achievements nia, achievements mo. :)
pagfeeling ko show off ung friend ko sa fb, i stop, breath and pretend that he/she is a sibling and possibly like pa nga their post (if im into it, which surprise me and them to the point that we're getting warm again w/each other) or (disclaimer) ignore pag tinopak, unfollowed. :))
sorry for rumbling. matagal nang incoherent ang train of thoughts q. and i swear im a silent reader/follower. ngaun lang ako nagcomment, mahaba pa. baka po dahil sa cake na nakain ko.
God bless. :)

Cliffhanger? As always. Stay tuned for more ramblings. :))

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